Air Conditioning Replacement, Maintenance & Repairs


A new air conditioning unit can provide better energy efficiency, cooling and comfort. Regular air conditioning unit maintenance can contribute to less repairs. If you do need your AC repaired, call a professional Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning. We are available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week and can manage all of your AC repair needs.


  • 10-year parts warranty on all HVAC products installed
  • 1-year labor warranty on all HVAC installations
  • 25-year full warranty on solar PV Installations (Enphase, SolarWorld)

Ductless Air Conditioning & heating

Homes or commercial buildings without ductwork can now have whole AC without the worry of expensive ductwork.

Duct Testing & Sealing

Ductwork can account for approximately 30% of a residential or commercial buildings entire air loss. We offer duct testing to assess how your ductwork is performing and duct sealing to stop significant air loss and improve your indoor quality air. Call Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning to schedule your duct testing & sealing.

Zone Control  Systems for Air Conditioning & Heating

This gives you the convenience of controlling the heating and air conditioning inside your business or home by room or by floor as you please. 

Radiant Systems, Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Heating & Repair Services

Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning has the ability to work on ducted and ductless systems. When you decide which fuel option is best for your home, we will install it, repair and maintain it.

Air Filtration Systems & Purifier, & UV Air Purifiers

The mechanical filter that comes with your HVAC system does not improve your home’s indoor air quality. The HVAC system does help reduce the amount of dust, dirt and debris that enters your HVAC unit. Therefore, installing a more powerful, effective air filter can help capture small particles.  Air Purifiers can target biological contaminants such as mold, mildew and bacteria.  


The thermostat is the device that controls the cooling and heating to your whole house. We have thermostats that can operate as well as your new HVAC unit.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

The ventilator takes your stale, indoor air and apply its thermal energy to incoming fresh air.  

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

If you have trouble maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home, it could be lack of moisture in the indoor air. Indoor moisture is usually 30-50%, so if the indoor humidity is falling short, call Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning.  

Solar PV Panels/Solar Water Heater 

Solar panels allows you to harness the energy generated into a powerful flow of energy to produce just about any required voltage needed for your home. Solar can also be used to provide hot water that needed for your home.  

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

For custom work please contact Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning. Our sheet metal fabricators can make that customer ductwork, unique metal fittings, roof canopies, kitchen hoods, as well as kitchen and bath backsplashes. We can fabricate intricate and delicate pieces, as well as large industrial and structural pieces. Call the experts, we are here to help you.  
Receive up to $300 on Solar Panels.
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